Grown and frozen in Ukraine

Bell pepper

Area: 5 hectares – 2023 season
Yield: 74.0 tons – 2022 season. Area covered 1.7 hectares.
Varieties: Hercules, Abbey, Amaretto, Husky, Vanguard, Flamingo
Harvest Period: late July – September
Every year, the HIGHBERRY agro-industrial complex provides the Ukrainian market with fresh sweet cuboid and conical peppers of various varieties.
The pepper harvest is closely linked to weather conditions, yet thanks to advancements in cultivation techniques of this vegetable, the specialists of HIGHBERRY LLC consistently manage to gather a stable yield.
All peppers undergo a unified agrochemical analysis. HIGHBERRY LLC sells only self-cultivated fruit and vegetable produce, ensuring product quality.
PACKAGING – net bags.
LOGISTICS – self-collection from our fields in Volyn region.