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Production - Sour Cherry

Sour Cherry

Variety: Debrecen Botermo
Country of origin: Hungary
Description: fruits of high quality, large, heart-shaped, red. Juice from the cherries is colored. Sweet-sour taste. The pulp of medium density. Dry separation. The bone is small. A typical dessert sort.
Transportability: excellent
Storage: up to 10 days
Recommendations: for the fresh market, industrial processing

Variety: Lutovka
Country of origin: Europe (this is the old sort, probably from Poland)
Description: fruit are of medium size, round, a little bit flattened on both sides, irregularly shaped. Color is dark red, almost black. The skin is tender, brilliant. The flesh is dark red, juicy, pleasant sour-sweet taste, with a slight tartness, juice is colored. The bone is large, free. This sort is excellent for processing.
Transportability: low
Storage: up to 3 days
Recommendations: for freezing and industrial processing


Country of origin: Ukraine
Region: Volyn region
Harvest season: July
Planting area: 83 hectares
Expected yield: 120 tons


Fresh berry

Period: July
Availability: from 1 ton up to 7 tons per day
Packing: 0.5 kg tray, 1 kg tray (“Euro packaging”)
Minimal quantity: 1 ton
Recommendations on transportation: it is desirable to + 5 C

Frozen berry

Freezing method: shock freezing
Storage conditions:

  • with the temperature +2…+5 C - one day
  • with the temperature - 6 C - up to seven days
  • with the temperature -12 C - up to 1 month
  • with the temperature -18 C - up to 36 months

Period:  all year round
Packing: carton 10 kg
Minimal quantity: 10 kg
Recommendations on transportation: it is desirable to -18 C

Sales department:

for Ukraine
tel.: +38 (067) 563-08-45
tel.: +38 (067) 560-38-08

for other countries
tel.: +38 (067) 577-14-70