Berries and vegetables from “Highberry”

Production - Red beans (speckled)

Red beans (speckled)

Variety: Red Kidney
Country of origin: Latin America
Description: has a cherry-red color with pink spots. It is shaped like a kidney, for which it has received its name (from the English "kidney" kidney). Red Kidney has a distinct rich taste and aroma. In canned form retains all its beneficial properties. Ideal for industrial canning. Beans Red Kidney gained huge popularity all over the world, and it is hard to accurately name the place of its origin, but most likely the birthplace of Latin America is
Transportability: excellent
Storage: 2-3 days
Recommendations: industrial processing, freezing

Passport products

Country of origin: Ukraine
Region: Volyn region
Period of harvest: August
The planting area: 2 hectares
The expected harvest: 20 tons


Fresh vegetables

Period: August
Availability: from 1 ton to 3 tons per day
Packing: customer
Minimum quantity: 3 ton
Recommendations on the transport: preferably +7°C

Frozen vegetables

Method of freezing: blast freezer
Storage conditions: at temperatures above -18°C to 48 months
The period: all the year round
Packaging: carton of 10 kg
Minimum quantity: 10 kg
Recommendations on the transport: preferably -18°C

Sales department:

for Ukraine
tel.: +38 (067) 563-08-45
tel.: +38 (067) 560-38-08

for other countries
tel.: +38 (067) 577-14-70