Berries and vegetables from “Highberry”

Production - Marrow squash

Marrow squash

Variety: Iskander F1, Ardendo 174 F1
Origin: Holland
Characteristics: Super early (48-50 days after transplanting seedlings), an extremely productive hybrid. It is a bush. The plant is compact. The fruits are cylindrical, 18 to 20 cm long. The color of the skin of the vegetable is light-green (very light). The pulp is white. It bears vegetables till the first frosts.
Transportability: good
Storage: 1-2 weeks
Recommendations: fresh market, freezing, industrial processing

Manufacturing country: Ukraine
Region: Volyn region
Crop period: June-July
Planted area: 1 hectare
Expected yield: 30 tons


Fresh vegetables
Period: June-July
Availability: from 1 ton to 5 tons per day
Packing: customer’s packing
Minimum lot: 5 tons
Transportation recommendations: preferably + 7 °С

Frozen vegetables
Freezing method: shock freezing
Storage conditions: at a temperature not exceeding -18 °C for up to 48 months
Period: all year round
Packing: 10 kg carton
Minimum lot: 10 kg
Transportation recommendations: preferably -18 °С




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