Berries and vegetables from “Highberry”

Production - Broccoli


Variety: Monaco
Country of origin: Holland
Description: late hybrid. Plant of medium height, in a single stem. Rosette of leaves is raised. The leaf of medium size, dark green, slightly bubbly, slightly wavy on the edge. Petiole of medium length, without anthocyanin coloration. The head of a medium-sized, round, dark green, dense, without bract. Secondary heads are absent. Good taste. Recommended for use in home cooking.
Transportability: excellent
Storage: up to 2 weeks
Recommendations : for the fresh market, freezing.


Country of origin: Ukraine
Region: Volyn region
Harvest season: September - October
Planting area: 20 hectares
Expected yield: 250 tons


Fresh vegetables

Period: September - October
Availability: from 1 ton up to 15 tons per day
Packing: customer packing
Minimal quantity: 1 ton
Recommendations on transportation: it is desirable to + 7 C

Frozen vegetables

Freezing method: shock freezing
Storage conditions:
with the temperature -18 C - up to 48 months
Period:  all year round
Packing: carton of 10 kg
Minimal quantity: 10 kg
Recommendations on transportation: it is desirable to -18 C

Sales department:

for Ukraine
tel.: +38 (067) 563-08-45
tel.: +38 (067) 560-38-08

for other countries
tel.: +38 (067) 577-14-70